Oct 16 2012


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Links to online magazines about Antarctica, the Arabian Peninsula, the Galapagos, IEDRO, Loch Ness and the Highlands of Scotland, and topics related to the oil and gas industries.

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Oct 15 2010

.San Cristobal Island, Galapagos


The New Era Galapagos Foundation was founded with the commitment to an inclusive and therefore effective conservation that provides the necessary skills, knowledge, and awareness to the inhabitants of San Cristobal Island. All the activities are carried out by volunteers. For information: [email protected]


As a non-profit foundation made up entirely of volunteers, we are always looking for individuals interested in understanding the needs and interests of the people of San Cristobal, Galapagos. Moreover, we seek open-minded individuals who share our passion for the environment and its conservation, and who would appreciate the opportunity to live and work in a natural paradise like the Galapagos Islands. Generally, we look for individuals specialized in one or more of the four programs we offer:


International volunteers play an invaluable role in our strategy by providing residents who are otherwise unaccustomed to contact with outsiders native English instruction and, more importantly, the opportunity to develop the social and cultural skills necessary to interact with international tourists through intercultural exchange.


Students and host families alike are able to establish and nurture relationships and friendships with teachers from all over the world, and develop the self-confidence and cultural knowledge needed to deal with different cultures and languages in a professional and friendly manner.


Volunteers typically live with local host families, arranged by NEGF, that enable a valuable cultural and financial exchange for both parties.

If you are interested in this remarkable opportunity for adventures, personal growth and service, do not hesitate to contact us on info@neweragalapagos.org for more information. Please download the form, complete it and send it to [email protected], along with a copy of your passport.


We would appreciate it if you would look at our wishlist and bring any items that you think would be useful for the foundation when you come to the island.





Volunteer for the New Era Galapagos Foundation and help develop sustainable tourism



Information about San Cristobal Island, the island the NEGF is based on

A wiki with materials for and by students living on San Cristobal Island

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May 12 2010

Students’ Businesses

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Apr 15 2010

Volunteer in Africa

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Volunteer in Africa

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Apr 11 2010

Creative Commons Licence

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Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.
Based on a work at handsacrosstheoceans.edublogs.org.

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Mar 17 2010

Global Warming

Global Warming:  The End is Near!



Most people don’t recognize global warming as a significant threat to the future of our planet. Some people realize the severity of the situation but are unwilling to change their way of life to help decrease these disastrous effects.

The process of global warming occurs when a mass of carbon monoxide, which is a byproduct of factories and car exhaust, accumulates in the atmosphere. It forms a sort of blanket that traps the sun’s rays and prevents them from escaping into the earth’s atmosphere. This in turn makes the earth hotter and hotter.

Due to the severe increase of heat, the ice at the north and south poles is slowly beginning to melt. As a result, the earth’s sea levels are rising rapidly and some small islands have been flooded.

The earth functions as a balanced system. The shifting of seasons, the interchanging of day and night and the food chain in the animal kingdom are all components of this system. Global warming is a man-made effect caused by poor manipulation of the earth’s resources and when a man-made disaster takes place; the earths system becomes unbalanced and major natural disasters can take place.

Trees could have been the saviors; they could have rescued us from this global disaster because they have the capability to reverse the effects of factories and car exhaust. They take in harmful gases and produce oxygen instead. Unfortunately, more and more forests are being cut down to make room for shopping malls, hotels, car parks, etc..

In order to rid ourselves of this epidemic, we need to take immediate action. Governments must put an end to unneeded deforestation. There must be laws constituted to prevent the ejection of harmful pollutants into the atmosphere. The governments must make an effort to find alternative sources of energy. We must act quickly to ensure a future for our children and grandchildren.



By Rami Hatab – 162/6 (March 2010)

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Mar 09 2010

English Carnival Competitions

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l Best Movie Competition – A Day in the Life of Kuwait or Another Country or City

1. Prepare a movie about Kuwait, another country or city.

2. Add music to the movie

3. Add your sources

4. Copy it onto a CD-ROM

5. Write the title, your name, section, and teacher’s name on the CD-ROM case

6. Give a copy to the ELU Scholarship Students, Ms. Jumana or Ms. Saba, by March 30th, ’10.

l Best PowerPoint Competition – Antique Shops in Salmiya

1. On a Thursday, go to the Antique Centre or Shamieh Company in Salmiya, Salem al Mubarak Street, Al Otheina Building.

2. Choose 10 items

3. Take 10 photos, one of each item

4. Ask the people in the shop about each one’s history

5. Make a PowerPoint presentation about them

6. Show the photo

7. Include information about it in the next slide

8. Add your name, student number, section and title of the presentation to the first slide

9. Add music

10. Copy the presentation onto a CD-ROM

11. Write your name, section and teacher’s name on the CD-ROM case

12. Give a copy to the ELU Scholarship Students, Ms. Jumana or Ms. Saba, by March 30th, ’10.

13. Send another copy to [email protected]

l Best Photo Competition

1. Take a photo that has a message to the world; this could be an environmental message, world peace message or any other messages related to our planet/world.

2. Image size should not exceed 30×40.

3. Write your name, section and teacher’s name on the back.

4. Submit it to the ELU Scholarship Students, Ms. Jumana or Ms. Saba, by March 30th, ’10.

l Best Painting Competition

1. Theme: Saving Our Planet

2. Painting Paper Size 292mm × 380mm

3. Painting Type: open to all types

4. Write your name, section and teacher’s name on the back.

5. Submit it to the ELU Scholarship Students,

Ms. Jumana or Ms. Saba, by March 30th, ’10.

l Best Business Idea Competition (Students Only)

1. If you have a creative idea for a prospective business, you may display your items during the carnival (a booth/table will be provided)

2. You are not allowed to sell anything; instead, you can only advertise your business.

3. Register to reserve a table. Ask to see Ms.Hala AlSammar in the English Language Unit, with a sample of an item you will be displaying during the Carnival, before March 30th.

l Best Funny Skit Competition (4 Groups Only)

1. In a group of 4 to 5 students, prepare a skit of a funny script in English.

2. Topics may be anything regarding Kuwait University. This could include: issues related to KU Parking, KU registration or any other themes you can think of. (Be polite :D )

3. Groups must register for this competition by contacting Ms.Hala AlSammar in the English Language Unit, before March 30th.

4. Only 4 groups will be approved to be entered into the competition, based on the best script.

5. You need to prepare a script before registration and submit a copy to Ms. Hala.

l 161- 162-163- Best Poster on Saving the Environment Competition.

1. Design a poster on any area related to “Saving the Environment”.

2. It must be standard poster size, no larger than 70cm x 50cm.

3. On the back of the poster write your name, mobile number, and the name of your English instructor.

4. Submit it to the ELU Scholarship Students, Ms.Jumana or Ms.Saba, by March 30th, ’10.

l 090- Best Poster Advertising for the English Carnival Competition (Restricted to 090 Students only)

1. Design a poster for the English Carnival.

2. It must be standard poster size, no larger than 70cm x 50cm.

3. It must contain the following information:

a. English Carnival

b. Organized by the English Language Unit of Faculty of Science.

c. 3rd May 2010 – 9am -1pm

d. Dr. Faiza Al Kharafi Building

e. Kuwait University, Khaldiya Campus

4. On the back of the poster write your name, mobile number, and the name of your English instructor.

5. Submit it to the ELU Scholarship Students, Ms.Jumana or Ms.Saba, by March 30th, ’10.

l Best 162 Research (restricted to 162 students only)

1. Contact your 162 teacher for more details.

2. Give a copy to the ELU Scholarship Students, Ms.Jumana or Ms.Saba, by April 16h, ’10.

· Reception & Organizers Committee

If you would like to volunteer to be one of the reception or organizers’ committees, ask to see English Day Coordinator Ms.Hala Al Sammar, in the English Language Unit of the Faculty of Science.

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Feb 19 2010

Spa and Chalets in Hilton, South Africa

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Recharge your batteries in the spa and chalets

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Feb 18 2010

African Safaris

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Mfafa Safaris, South Africa


Mfafa Safaris


Mfafa Safaris



Blue Crane Safaris

Blue Crane Safaris

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Jan 26 2010

English Carnival

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English Language Unit

Faculty of Science

Faiza Al-Kharafi Building

Khaldiya Campus

Kuwait University

Monday 3rd May 2010

9 to 1Pm



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