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Oct 23 2009



When you write your bibliography or sources, you must write them in the correct way. Your teacher will tell you which method to use.

A  Encyclopedia

"Title of article". Name of encyclopedia. Date of publication.

"Animal Ecology." Encyclopedia Britannica. 1990 ed.

B  Book

Author (last name, first name). Title. Place of publication: Publisher, Date.

Commoner, Bernard. Science and Survival. New York: Viking Press, 1966.

C  Book with Joint Authors

Authors (last name, first name, and first name, initial, last name. Title. Place: Publisher. Date.

Lewis, Theodore, and Lawrence R. Taylor. Introduction to Experimental Ecology. New York: Academic Press, 1967.

D   Sources from Internet

Author’s last name, initials. Year. Full title of work (specific web page). Title of complete work. Full URL. Specify date you accessed the site.

Brown, G. Living in the 21st Century. 2002 Http://www.thethirdway. (June 2003).

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Oct 16 2009

Legal Dictionary for Non-native English Speakers

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Translegal Legal English Dictionary

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Jun 04 2009

151/152 Webquests and Links for Students in the Faculty of Law

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1 Introduction

Webquests are a great way to focus your Internet searches. They focus on a topic, and then provide you with tasks and links that help you to complete them. If you type “webquests” in the Google search box, you will find at least other useful ones.


2 Note about Links

The Internet is a wonderful aid for research and many people spend a lot of time developing worksheets for students. Often they provide links that worked the day they completed them, but websites change and sometimes links do not work at a later date. If the link you want does not work, try typing a key word in a search box, and you will find other links that are just as useful. You can access some of the urls by clicking on the links embedded in the webquest pages.


3 A Very Brief Summary of Skills Covered






Note taking








Drawing conclusions

Organising information

Evaluating sources

Vocabulary development




4 Making your Own Webquests

If these webquests are not suitable for your studies, you can make up your own ones, following the format of the ones in this file.


5 Using with Students

The webquest can be introduced in class, and the students can find answers in their own time. This file works best if it is accessed by the students from computers, rather than reading paper copies, as the links are embedded in the file. The file can be sent as an attachment to the students in each teacher’s section. The students can work on the topics in small groups, and then present their findings at the end of semester with group presentations, using PowerPoint.

Webquests Related to Topics in “ILEC – International Legal English” by Amy Krois Linder


Practice of Law 1

Surveying, presenting and evaluating data

Was Tutankhamun murdered?


Company Law

Company formation & management

Business plan

Personal business

Get rich fast


Company Law


So, you want to own a business?


Company Law

Fundamental changes in a company

Organising a business


Contract Formation

Ad campaign



Champions of justice – rights of the child


Contract Arrangements

Third party rights

Students united for humanity


Employment Law

Dollars and law – jobs in the computer industry

Human rights – Pinochet revaluating policy

Human rights


Sale of Goods

Planning a plaza


10  Rent Property Law

Human rights vs. property rights


11  Intellectual Property

Legal and ethical issues

Ethical and legal use of media and technology

Computer ethics

Copyright laws

Music copyright


12  Negotiable  Instruments Euthanasia: Compassion or murder?


13  Secured Transactions

Intolerance and fear


14  Debtor/Creditor

Cause and Effect – The economy and local community needs


15  Litigation Law

WebQuest on How to Provide Counsel to Indigent Defendants

Illegal Mexican immigration


16  General ILEC


17  Portals

Technorati Tags: ,,

Webquests for career-tech skills


18  Vocabulary


Legal glossaries

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