.San Cristobal Island, Galapagos


The New Era Galapagos Foundation was founded with the commitment to an inclusive and therefore effective conservation that provides the necessary skills, knowledge, and awareness to the inhabitants of San Cristobal Island. All the activities are carried out by volunteers. For information: info@neweragalapagos.org


As a non-profit foundation made up entirely of volunteers, we are always looking for individuals interested in understanding the needs and interests of the people of San Cristobal, Galapagos. Moreover, we seek open-minded individuals who share our passion for the environment and its conservation, and who would appreciate the opportunity to live and work in a natural paradise like the Galapagos Islands. Generally, we look for individuals specialized in one or more of the four programs we offer:


International volunteers play an invaluable role in our strategy by providing residents who are otherwise unaccustomed to contact with outsiders native English instruction and, more importantly, the opportunity to develop the social and cultural skills necessary to interact with international tourists through intercultural exchange.


Students and host families alike are able to establish and nurture relationships and friendships with teachers from all over the world, and develop the self-confidence and cultural knowledge needed to deal with different cultures and languages in a professional and friendly manner.


Volunteers typically live with local host families, arranged by NEGF, that enable a valuable cultural and financial exchange for both parties.

If you are interested in this remarkable opportunity for adventures, personal growth and service, do not hesitate to contact us on info@neweragalapagos.org for more information. Please download the form, complete it and send it to info@neweragalapagos.org, along with a copy of your passport.


We would appreciate it if you would look at our wishlist and bring any items that you think would be useful for the foundation when you come to the island.





Volunteer for the New Era Galapagos Foundation and help develop sustainable tourism



Information about San Cristobal Island, the island the NEGF is based on

A wiki with materials for and by students living on San Cristobal Island